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Multiple occupations with different characteristics


Free to Play

The great features in the game are designed for everyone. So we are glad that you can experience the game completely for free without requiring any initial investment. Get ready to enjoy.

Open your world

6 occupations with different characteristics. Choose a career for long-term development. Complete daily quests and get rewards for building and expanding your own unique world.

Connecting people

In Donely, you can buy, sell and promote the products that you create to other players. They are also very willing to chat and make friends with you. Together, we make up the Donian community.

Play to Earn

At any time, players can choose to participate in the in-game Play to Earn economy for additional financial rewards. Now you can completely play games and earn money at the same time.



$DOB Token

Donely Biscuit - Governance and staking tokens represent player ownership.
Use Cases Is the currency when buying NFT items in the marketplace.
Hold tokens to receive rewards through the stacking mechanism.
Fee for repair NFT items during use.
Duplicate existing NFTs to create higher Tier NFTs.

$DOB Token

$DOD Token

Dog Diamond - In-game reward tokens exclusively for crypto players.
Earn & Use cases In-game reward tokens earned by players who purchased NFT items.
Use to upgrade NFT items in the game and gacha items.

$DOD Token


Pup Gold - Default bonus for all players in the game.
Common currency used for in-game purchases and online transactions with other players.
Can be obtained from production, trading or quest rewards.




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